I am a registered Psychotherapist with over 20 years experience, the last 16 being in private practice in the South Northants and Oxfordshire area.
I work with a broad range of people from many walks of life including some who:
-  are deeply unhappy, without knowing why
-  cannot break out of abusive patterns of behaviour which are damaging to themselves or others
-  are overwhelmed with powerful feelings, thoughts and emotions and cannot make sense of them
-  have lost their way and a sense of who they are
These different issues show up as:
Stress, Anxiety & Depression, Relationship Problems,
Eating Disorders, Low Self-esteem, Phobias & Obsessions,
to name but a few...
I believe that people’s present day problems are
often rooted in the past and can be ingrained
I can help to resolve these and
put them into perspective
Supervision and Personal Therapy for Practitioners is also available
For an initial appointment please call 01869-811241 or